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500 Scrapbooking Sketches Review

Customer Rating: 8.57 (7 ratings)
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500 Scrapbooking Sketches is a well-known ebook authored by It was released on January 2016

Now then, you should always start a product evaluation by checking out the website. What's the vibe you get from the author? Do they look like like someone you would trust 500 Scrapbooking Sketches describes itself as:

500 Scrapbooking Sketches. Discover the Secret to Creating Scrapbooking Layouts You Absolutely Adore Easily and Effortlessly Every Time.

You can read the entire blurb on the site here: or just have a quick look at these highlights of the product's plus points:
  • I noticed myself drawn easily into my scrapbooking . . . as it no longer felt like a chore. (It became fun again and you should have seen the look on my mother's face when I showed her my new pages.)
  • Fun, playful quotes capture the joy of this special time of year. Just the thing for photos of your kids putting out their stockings, unwrapping presents and writing wish lists to Santa Claus.
  • Thoughtful reflections on the true magic of Christmas and the meaning it holds for you. Perfect for those family moments when everyone comes together in the spirit of giving and love.
  • I had eliminated 'scrappers block', creating higher quality pages more often than I ever had before (it was as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders)
  • These scrapbooking sketches were made for square layouts of any size including 12 x12, 8 x 8 and 6 x 6, giving you the flexibility to use them for any project you want.
  • Learn 6 easy to implement methods that help you stay organised and on track. (You'll be amazed at how stress-free you will be and how much more you will get done).
  • Begin right away preserving your family's precious moments, because you will get instant access to the entire collection. (I did this with busy moms in mind!)
  • All the hard work has been done for you. Keep them on hand for your Christmas projects and you'll be amazed at how much time and energy you will save.
  • Discover how the same sketch can be used over and over by simply changing your photos and the scrapbooking supplies you use. (No two pages will be alike).
  • Discover why having a creative outlet like scrapbooking is important to your well being and the positive impact it can have on your life.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Elaine Powell says:
    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been printing and using your sketches for a little while now and I just love them. I have them all printed out and placed in a book. I have a scrapbooking night with a couple of my friends on Monday nights and the book comes out every week. So keep up the great work. We are really happy for the extra inspiration.
  2. Lindsay says:
    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your sketches. I was in a major slump and some of your sketches just spoke to me!!! Off to finally scrapbooking for the first time in months!
  3. Karen says:
    I love to scrapbook and do cards, but I also love to make handmade gifts for people. I absolutely hate the time it takes for ME to figure out the placement of pictures, journaling, and embellishments to put on a project. YOU took the work out for me! Now I can enjoy being creative and using all the techniques I’ve learned. And I love being able to adapt some of your ideas into other projects. Satisfied Customer.
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