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Commission Blueprint 2.0 Review

Customer Rating: 8.00 (6 ratings)
Standard Price $297

Commission Blueprint 2.0 is a well-known informational product from the pen of Clayton. It was released on February 2016

Now then, so the first thing you should do when evaluating any product is to check out the website. What's the vibe you get from the author? Do they seem like someone you would trust This product describes itself as:

A Complete Arsenal Of PROVEN Affiliate Formulas We've Used To Generate As Much As $51,141 In 24 Hours Without Spending A Dime On Paid Advertising!

You can read the entire blurb on their website here: or just have a quick look at these highlights of the product's plus points:
  • Countless strategies you can use to boost your income and profits immediately.
  • ou'll have exclusive access and entry to affiliate networks which will mean you'll never have issues with getting 'approved' again.
  • Instant access to the step by step training tutorials which include over 50 videos & 20 instruction manuals setting out a complete blueprint that could enable you to quit your day job in a matter of weeks!
  • Exclusive access to the "in-house" tools and software we use to make thousands of dollars each week with affiliate marketing.
  • On-going support from both our email help desk and our buzzing forum.

How to purchase

I don't sell this product myself! I'm not the author - all the products on this site can be purchased by clicking through to the publisher's website So if you haven't already done so, you should click through to their site and have a look there for a link to buy. Sometimes the price will have changed since I wrote this review, but it shouldn't be vastly different. Often you might also see a more expensive version of the product on sale (although again this could have changed since the review). If you see one on sale you might want to purchase that one instead.

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Customer Reviews

  1. JR says:
    As an active member of the Commission BluePrint Forum, I can attest personally to the amount of new Internet Marketers who have achieved their 1st sales and continue to make sales everyday by allowing Steve and Tim to lead them by the hand to internet marketing success and also veteran IM’ers who have had modest success to become wildly successful, using the simple steps outlined in Commission BluePrint.
  2. Geoff says:
    The membership program they offer is amazing value for money too. There is just so much material in there that I just don’t have enough hours in the day and will never run out of things to do! I shall soon be quitting my other full time job and swap to doing this. Full credit to these guys for allowing this to happen.
  3. David Sadows says:
    When I purchased Commission Blueprint I knew straight away that it was very different from the other IM products I had purchased in the past. The name says it all because it really is a step-by-step, go here-do this, go there-do that blueprint.
  4. clawson44 says:
    The Commission Blueprint information was well organized. From videos 3 to video 14, there was a lot more important and underground tactics that a normal Internet Marketer who is a beginner would not know. Some were even new to me. You are provided with three web templates; one of which is an opt-in template and they were all very professionally done and easy to set up for the beginner and the guru alike.
  5. Valerie says:
    I purchased Commission Blueprint this afternoon and have spent the rest of the day reading all of the PDFs and watching the videos. The first thing I can say is that it's not alot of the fluff you usually get like 10 pages how to set up a google account, etc. Also, I had a problem downloading some videos (turned out to be my problem - just needed a reboot) but I got an answer from Steve within minutes. Can't complain about that. [...]It delivers exactly what it promises - good information about how to make a *profit* with Clickbank products and Adwords. It also includes some information I have never seen before in similar products such as how to manage cash flow and some of the more detailed aspects of tracking, management, etc. [...] I like the templates. I have done alot of research on review and opt-in templates and they are high quality. Ready to use directly if you wanted
  6. Mark Mason says:
    What you get for your $77 is impressive. There are 14 videos (4-5 hours total run time), release notes, 3 PDF files, 2 unadvertised bonuses, 4 landing page templates, and slides for all the videos are also provided in PDF. It is total over delivery. It is an amazing amount of quality content, and zero fluff. The videos are good quality. You have the choice of watching them online or downloading them and watching them offline. The format is a slide show presentation with a little video camera box showing the speaker. He is an excellent "speaker/teacher" and the quality of his presentation is very high.

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