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Final Phase Fat Loss Review

Customer Rating: 5.32 (9 ratings)
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Final Phase Fat Loss is a top ebook authored by It was released on January 2010

Right, so the first thing you should do when evaluating any product is to check out the author's site. What's the vibe you get from the author? Do they look like like someone you can trust? Final Phase Fat Loss describes itself as:

Discover the Incredible Fat Burning Workouts New York’s Premier Fat Loss Expert and Fitness Model John Romaniello Developed That Helped Him Lose Those Last 17 Pounds and Transform His Body From Soft to ROCK HARD in Just 6 Short Weeks...

You can read the entire blurb on the site here: or just have a quick look at these highlights of the product's plus points:
  • My secret4-pronged training approach that will have you losing more fat thanever before, all while increasing strength, mobility, flexibility andyour overall fitness level
  • The most effective fat annihilating exercises including one in particular that WILL have you kicking yourself for not harnessing its fat-burning power earlier
  • How a uniquechallenge-based training method will have you progressing workout afterworkout, ensuring that the fat continues to melt away whileyou get stronger
  • The ultimate wayto gear your training towards the production and manipulation ofhormones that will force your body to shed of fat and buildmuscle—FAST!
  • The mosteffective fat annihilating exercises including one in particular thatWILL have you kicking yourself for not harnessing its fat-burning powerearlier
  • The ultimate wayto gear your training towards the production and manipulation ofhormones that will force your body to shed of fat and buildmuscle—FAST!
  • Why excessivecardio is sabotaging your fat loss and how you can actually burn morefat while NEVER having to do a traditional cardio workout again
  • How to use strategic movement-based workouts to double or even triple the effectiveness of each and every minute you spend in the gym
  • How to usestrategic movement-based workouts to double or even triple theeffectiveness of each and every minute you spend in the gym
  • The truth aboutmarathon workouts and why you MUST dramatically shorten your trainingsessions for the fastest fat loss results

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You buy the product not from me, but from the publisher on their website. So if you haven't already done so, you should click through to their site and have a look there for a link to buy. Sometimes the price will have changed since I wrote this review, but it shouldn't be vastly different. Often you will also see a more expensive version of the product on sale (but this might have changed since the review). If you see an upgrade on sale you may well want to purchase that one instead.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Angie Quinn says:
    I’m a mom of 3 daughters (an older one and a set of twins) and I feel like I barely have time to do anything. My husband and I try to be active with the kids, but we both put on weight, especially me. When we got married, I was 110 pounds, and a few years after the kids I was 147—and I’m only 5’3”! I tried everything from long cardio sessions to starvation diets and barely saw anything. I’d lose 5 or 10 pounds, and then plateau and rebound Then I started working with John. When he put me on Final Phase Fat Loss, I was skeptical but decided to stick with it. Just 8 weeks later, I was astounded. I weighed 134.5, but that wasn’t the shocker. I’d only lost 12 and a half pounds on the scale, but went from a size 10 to a size 4! John explained that I’d lost a huge amount of fat while gaining muscle, which took up less space. The new muscle would help me maintain a higher metabolism constantly burn fat, keeping the weight off. Now, 2 years later, I’m still a size 4 and my kids can’t keep up with me. Final Phase Fat Loss got me to where I never knew I could be again.
  2. Shea Trott says:
    Having played multiple sports at an elite level for nearly my entire life I have always been fairly lean. From training for those sports, I learned how to design training and nutritional repertoires that kept me in peak athletic shape (between 8-9% body fat). When I decided to pursue a modeling career, I knew that I would need to get leaner in order to compete for jobs—that’s when I turned to Final Phase Fat Loss. With the help of John and FPFL, we were able to cut those tricky last couple pounds of fat. Within 4 weeks, I went from 9% body fat to 5%. Almost immediately after completing the program, I was signed to one of the most prominent modeling agencies in the world. Final Phase Fat Loss gave me the results, the physique, and the confidence I needed to work in an industry where you are constantly under the microscope, in less time than I ever thought possible.
  3. Vince Del Monte says:
    Get this system – if you have any interest of getting photo-shoot ready then John Romaniello is Your Man! My fiancé Flavia and I used his workouts during the final 3-weeks before our photo shoot in Punta Cana this past November. I dropped 3% fat in the final 3-weeks, which is extremely difficult to do when you’re already lean. John’s training routines left me stimulated, inspired and invigorated after each workout. I loved the fast-paced training, unique exercise combos and different focus each workout. The lactic-acid based training was my favorite day. My biggest fear was losing muscle the last 3-weeks but I came in harder and leaner than ever before and was very satisfied I gave John’s workouts a chance. This is–by far–the best guide to get rid of the final few pounds of fat.
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