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Muscle Gaining Secrets Review

Customer Rating: 8.23 (7 ratings)
By Elizabeth Ferruggia
Standard Price $77

Muscle Gaining Secrets is a top ebook from the pen of Elizabeth Ferruggia. It was released on January 2016

Now then, so the first thing you should do when evaluating any product is to check out the author's site. What's the vibe you get from the author? Do they seem like someone you would trust Muscle Gaining Secrets describes itself as:

How to build muscle and gain weight. Proven, step by step muscle building program.

You can read the full extract on their website here: or just have a quick look at these highlights of the product's plus points:
  • The dirty little trick that makes EVERY REP of every bicep and triceps exercise you do 2-3 times more effective. You’ll transform those pipe cleaners into guns so big you need a weapons-permit to carry them!
  • Why everything you have ever been told about protein intake and muscle growth is DEAD WRONG! I blow the lid off this much debated subject and provide the honest, shocking truth that no one else will tell you.
  • How to NATURALLY engorge your muscles with the one hormone that is even more anabolic than testosterone! They’ll all be crying “steroids” after you start using this underground tactic.
  • Avoid the embarrassment of having to wear pants in the summer. I’ll show you how to build thick, tree trunk sized legs and diamond cut calves that will be the envy of everyone in your gym!
  • The underground secret to developing bullish, brute strength and power that will have you dominating everyone in your gym…and force the owner to start ordering more plates just for you!
  • An exact, easy-to-use formula to determine precisely how much protein, carbs, fat and total calories you need to build muscle. No more guesswork and confusing mathematical equations.
  • My controversial, politically incorrect, dirty diet trick designed SPECIFICALLY for ectomorphs with fast metabolisms! NOBODY will be calling you skinny after you learn this one!
  • The killer, one-two-punch combination that is a critical component to every successful muscle building program! Ignore this and be relegated to size Medium t-shirts forever.
  • How to achieve steroid like effects from the foods you are eating right now! The secret is in combining exactly the right nutrients and exactly the right times of day.
  • Thirty seconds of hell! This brutal, underground mass building tactic only takes a half minute to employ, but results in an almost instant increase in muscle size!

How to Buy

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Customer Reviews

  1. Adam Harper says:
    With MGS, I was able to simultaneously gain muscle and lose 24 pounds of fat. Your muscle building program has totally changed how I think about training and has forever changed my life for the better. Thanks for everything Jason.
  2. Christian Byslma says:
    Stumbling upon Muscle Gaining Secrets was like the answer to everything. I have complete faith in your training philosophies and feel that the words “thank you” ain’t enough.So far I have lost 14 pounds of body fat while gaining muscle and strength. Thank you again.
  3. Kyle Matthews says:
    Jason, I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. My entire life has moved on to the next level and I feel like I owe it all to you. You’ve provided me with so much determination it can’t be expressed in words. I gained over 20 pounds of muscle and lost an equal amount of body-fat using your system. Thanks again!
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