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No Bull Bodybuilding Review

Customer Rating: 8.20 (10 ratings)
By Marc David
Standard Price $39.95

No Bull Bodybuilding is a well-known informational product written by Marc David. It was released on May 2010

OK, you should always start a product evaluation by checking out the author's site. What's the vibe you get from the writer? Could they be like someone you would trust This product describes itself as:

Learn The Secrets Of Fitness And Diet Experts And Start Your Transformation Today! Build Muscle, Burn Fat and See Results In Less Than 30 Days!

You can read the entire blurb on their website here: or just have a quick look at these highlights of the product's plus points:
  • The facts about genetics and your ultimate potential for muscle mass or leanness.
  • How to avoid embarrassing yourself and looking like a "dork".
  • The truth about how long it really takes to gain muscle mass and lose body fat.
  • What results you can expect if you're starting after the age of 40.
  • Why steroids and performance enhancing drugs are totally unnecessary.

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You buy the product not from me, but from the publisher on their website. If you now click through to their website you should find a 'buy now' link. Often it can take a bit of searching to find! It may be that the price has changed since I wrote this review, but it shouldn't be drastically different. Often you could also see a 'deluxe' version of the product being offered (although again this might have changed since the review). If you see one on sale you might want to purchase that one instead.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Ronnie Spann says:
    I’m fifty now and I can tell you I’ve heard it all. It’s refreshing to hear the truth for a change. The facts that you present in the NoBull Bodybuilding lessons says more than all the hype in popular fitness magazines combined.
  2. John-Paul says:
    The information inside is very solid and straight forward, and anyone who is new to bodybuilding- even those who are not so new- can gain a great amount of essential knowledge, saving a lot of wasted time and effort from the start.
  3. Tara Sundaram says:
    have benefitted tremendously from the subtle tidbits you provided, which helped to shatter any myths that remained in my mind. Thoroughly enjoyed your articles. I was very happy making changes to my diet and training under your supervision.
  4. 7 ratings were left without a comment

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