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Rocket Languages Spanish Review

Customer Rating: 8.60 (9 ratings)
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Rocket Languages Spanish is a popular informational product written by It was released on February 2016

Now then, you should always start a product evaluation by checking out the author's site. What's the vibe you get from the author? Could they be like someone you would trust This product describes itself as:

Learn Spanish online with Rocket Spanish Premium. Learn to speak Spanish with our audio course, learn Spanish software, and Spanish language lessons.

You can read the full extract on their website here: or just have a quick look at these highlights of the product's plus points:
  • Speak and improve your Spanish with every lesson, by taking part in the modern, everyday conversations that make up the popular Rocket Spanish Premium 32-lesson Interactive Audio Course,
  • Have all your Spanish language questions answered by the Rocket Spanish teachers, native speakers and fellow Spanish learners in the Rocket Spanish Forum – open 24/7!
  • Build your Spanish vocabulary and improve your audio recognition of common Spanish words and phrases (and have fun at the same time!) with the MegaSpanish software games,
  • Speak Spanish naturally by understanding the culture and how the language works, with 31 Language & Culture Lessons that include embedded audio, activities and more,
  • Get redirected to the Rocket Spanish online member’s area, where you have lifetime access to your Rocket Spanish Premium package!
  • Know how much your Spanish has improved with the Rocket Spanish interactive quizzes and Rocket Rehearsal self-tests,
  • The 32 Interactive Audio Lessons on CD, which include transcripts of the conversations in Spanish and English.
  • Boost your Spanish-speaking confidence by getting certified with the Rocket Spanish Certificate Tests!
  • A Read-Me-First PDF to help you get the most out of your Rocket Spanish course.
  • Go to our secure payment page (You can pay using major credit cards or PayPal)

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Customer Reviews

  1. Hola, I have to say that the name is appropriate, because the course literally propels you at rocket speeds towards becoming a functional speaker of Spanish. The audio portions are clear and they are a good speed for the new comer and the texts are fun and entertaining as well. I have seen in several forums where others have said that Rocket Spanish Premium is the best introduction one can have to learning Spanish, and I have to definitely agree… Sin duda!!! (Without a doubt!!!)
  2. Wayne Cramer says:
    I’m on a continuous quest to achieve fluency… so I’ve tried many products and self study programs. All of them have been boring or require a degree of discipline that I just can’t manage. Your lessons are interesting and practical, they cover a variety of actual situations that I encounter… you just can’t beat that. The commute in my car becomes a learning session, the computer games are much better than flashcards and the scoring appeals to those with a competitive nature… Quit looking and get learning! Thanks.
  3. Hi, This is Joseph Seward. I ordered Rocket Spanish Premium about 6 months ago I’ve gone through all of the lessons. I can carry on a basic conversation with the workers, I can meet someone new, I can ask them how they are, where they are from, I can shop at some of the local markets here, I can order in a restaurant, It is an excellent program…they really give you a working knowledge of the language and I would highly recommend them to anyone else who is going on a trip to Mexico or just wants to be able communicate a little bit better. It has truly helped me out on my job and I plan on going through them again and probably go through it three or four times. I really appreciate Rocket Spanish Premium and I highly recommend it. Thank you.
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