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The Warrior Warmup Review

Customer Rating: 3.90 (7 ratings)
By Tyler Bramlett
Standard Price $47

The Warrior Warmup is a top-selling ebook from Tyler Bramlett. It was released on December 2012

Right, so the first thing you should do when evaluating any product is to check out the website. What's the vibe you get from the writer? Do they look like like someone you would trust The Warrior Warmup describes itself as:

A guide on how to Unleash Hidden Strength, Flexibility, Balance And Coordination In Only 15 Minutes A Day 3 Days A Week?

You can read the full extract on their website here: or just have a quick look at these highlights of the product's plus points:
  • Core Mobility – Very few people truly understand the role of core mobility and many trainers run from the thought of things like bridging gymnastics. There is a safe way to learn this skill, I can teach you!
  • Yoga Postures – Although effective, yoga just takes too much time. I would rather be weightlifting or at the beach! In the WWU You will learn only the best yoga exercises that will get you awesome results.
  • Deep Breathing & Meditation – The WWU teaches you how to breath to activate the rest and digest side of your nervous system making you more focused for your workout and giving you faster recovery.
  • Traditional Stretching – Static stretching is outdated; it takes too long and is hard to get results on unless you practice everyday. I will show you how to get extremely flexible in less time.
  • Body Control & Awareness – Getting better at moving is the foundation of all athletic achievement. As you progress through the levels of the WWU you will begin to unlock your true potential!
  • Balance Training – Throughout the WWU you will be building your balance and coordination that will lead you to being able to do handstands and advanced yoga poses with ease!
  • Gymnastic Skill Work – Gymnastic training is awesome!! I can teach you a few simple progressions that will teach you to move like a gymnast in record time.
  • LAME Cardio Warm ups – This boring and ineffective way of warming up is the reason why I created the Warrior Warm Up (Need I Say More, Cardio Sucks!)
  • Core Stability – Crucial for anyone who either wants a ripped 6 pack or an injury proof spine. I’ll show you how to get it done in less time.
  • Dynamic Warm Ups – Replace your old dynamic warm up (if you are even doing one) with the WWU and get even better results!

How to purchase

I do not sell the product directly - you buy it from the publisher's homepage. So in order to buy at the standard price of $47, you should click through and look for a link to buy. It's possible that the price has changed since I wrote this review, but it shouldn't be very different. Sometimes you could also see a 'deluxe' version of the product being offered (but this may have changed since the review). If you see an upgrade offered you might want to buy that one instead.

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