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TSC Heart of a Champion Program Review

Customer Rating: 7.79 (13 ratings)
Standard Price $55

TSC Heart of a Champion Program is a top informational product authored by It was released on June 2010

Now then, so the first thing you should do when evaluating any product is to check out the website. What's the vibe you get from the author? Do they seem like someone you can trust? TSC Heart of a Champion Program describes itself as:

The TSC Heart of a Champion Training & Nutrition Program is the most powerful body transformation guide ever created. Go beyond shredded abs and great pecs and get the direct path to eating right, training properly and transforming your body and life forever. Build lean muscle, burn fat and become a fit, fast, and strong all natural athlete. Experience the benefits of True Health and Fitness. Make It Happen. Look your best, feel your best and perform your best. Maximize your potential and live life to the fullest. Chris Krueger TSC

You can read the full extract on their website here: or just have a quick look at these highlights of the product's plus points:
  • TSC Nutrition Profiles: 5 unique profiles, Blaze, Burn, Balance, Build, and Boost allow you to tailor the nutrition section to your specific needs.
  • The Training-10: Ten weeks of the most efficient workouts to create a lean, strong, athletic, and beautiful physique.
  • Build Lean Muscle as efficiently and effectively as possible, training for an average of only 35 minutes per day
  • New Journal Feature: Allows you to log your workouts and track your progress as you transform.
  • TSC Goal Setting: Ensures that you are setting the right goals and maximizing your potential.
  • The Nutrition-10: The ten simple rules for eating right that will fuel your transformation.
  • My Grocery List: It's easy to make good choices when you have my exact shopping list.
  • Burn Fat Fast: It's entirely possible to burn 50 lbs of fat in 10 weeks, I did!
  • TSC Proper Form: Ensures that your training is safe and effective.
  • Boost your confidence, self-esteem, productivity, and success.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Truth Syrum says:
    The program is truthfully the most powerful transformation system ever created. Chris lays down the honest and direct path to true health and fitness. Follow his program and you will succeed. The training takes an average of 35 minutes a day and the nutrition program makes everything so simple. In my experience most health/fitness/transformation/ products are built around hype and marketing. This program is totally different. It’s an action plan based on proven principles that work every time. Make it Happen, I did! T.S.
  2. Mark Farrimond says:
    Excellent product. Well worth the money. I have lost 11lb of fat and got more muscle definition in just 20 days. It takes will power to eat properly and determination to train 6 days a week but it is certainly worth it.
  3. Peter Otlans says:
    This is the best transformation program. PERIOD. I tried the Xpensive DVD program and all I got was sweaty. The Heart of a Champion Program is the real deal and it delivers results. Chris practices what he preaches, I’ve been watching his youtube channel for 2 years now. He’s an inspiration. In ten weeks, I burned 24 lbs of fat and built a ton of muscle. I’m still shredded! I’m more successful in every aspect of my life, from school and grades to women and money. The program helped me take control of my life and I’m so thankful for it.
  4. Ryan Baker says:
    I love this program.
  5. Zac K. says:
    The best program for ripped abs. It works. PERIOD.
  6. Jason says:
    I just finished this entire regimine and put on 8 pounds of muscle. The best $55 i’ve ever spent. Period.
  7. Wes says:
    So it sounds like its a good program, I may try it
  8. Toby says:
    My results were amazing! This program is the best and Chris really cares. Check out the results other TSCers are getting:
  9. Harry says:
    I tried it and its not bad but I wouldn’t neccessarily say it was amazing. A lot of it I already knew, there were a few things I didn’t but also found the explanations unclear here and there. Most of it is just common sense and requires a supreme level of determination – things that are free the last time i checked…
  10. 4 ratings were left without a comment

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